Meet Josh Zielinski

Josh Zielinski is a professional photographer specializing in architectural and landscape photography. Based in Southeast Ohio, he follows a  deliberate, intentional approach to capturing his subject, whether it is an expansive sunrise vista or a cabin vacation rental.

Architectural Photography

Specializing in architectural photography for small to medium-sized businesses, Josh’s keen eye for detail captures the  character of each property he photographs.

Landscape & Nature Photography

While Josh’s clients primarily include owners of small to medium-sized businesses looking to highlight their properties, he also explores the beauty of the natural world. Josh often ventures into nature photography, capturing breathtaking landscapes in both color and black and white. Fine art print of these subjects, available with black or white mats, can be purchased through his Etsy storefront, providing a touch of Josh’s artistic vision to any space.

From Inquiry to Final Delivery: What to Expect

After you contact Josh, he will reach out within a day to inquire about your project: where you’re located, what you need photos of, how many photos you need, and what you’re using the photos for.

Once Josh has a thorough understanding of your project, he will generate and send you a free estimate in 2-4 business days.

NOTE: prices may vary based on your location, project duration, and other project details.

Josh will travel to your location and take the desired photographs. Depending on the scope of the project, photographing your property may take just a single shoot or multiple days.

After spending 5-7 days sizing and professionally editing your photographs, he will send you the files. Josh is able to share both photo prints and digital files upon request.

Josh’s Dedication to Beauty & Functionality

Whether you are a business owner seeking to showcase your property or an art enthusiast looking for thought-provoking photography, Josh Zielinski offers unparalleled quality and creativity. Explore his gallery to witness the unique blend of precision and artistry that defines Josh’s work and discover how his photography can showcase the beauty and functionality of your property.

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